Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: JCrew flannels and plaids

I purchased two Thomas Mason plaid shirts and three of the perfect or boy shirt plaids this season. I won't be keeping them all, I think, but the decision will be hard!

All shirts below fit TTS and are size 0, which is my normal size in shirts. 

Bottom row: Thomas Mason; 
Top row: perfect shirt in buffalo plaid (L) and boy shirt in Clinton plaid (R)

Thomas Mason in Stewart plaid
The Stewart plaid is the more classic piece, versatile, and somehow more "upper class". I can imagine wearing it with a white pencil skirt as much as with khakis, and jeans, or even black leather pants. And the " upper class" part is that one would look polished and just the right bit of casual in them. You know, layer on pearls, and you're just being festive. Put on the khakis and a casual jacket and you're grunging in a ladylike way. So I think i love it.

Thomas Mason in some other kinda plaid!

This other one is nice, and is very cheerful. It feels very Scandinavian to me, what with the yellow stripe and bright Christmas unapologetic red.

Both the TM shirts are actually flannely! This was a surprise, as usually they're a very fine smooth cotton. They are consequently very easy to wear and cosy.


This boy shirt in Clinton plaid is a loose fit, as the boy fit is and it is a warm proper flannel. I love the material. It is definitely casual, though you could dress it up in a pinch. I also love the herringbone weave of the thread,which always gets me.

The perfect shirt in buffalo plaid. I love the colour for a buffalo plaid - definitely more elevated. I returned it and then rebought it. My store hates me. It's a snug fit, compared to all the other shirts. Also, it is basically thin cotton, nothing flannel about it. There's the herringbone weave of the threads again.

This is Boy shirt and its smth like Everglade green. This is the most rustic. The pockets are done at a different angle than the body of the shirt. The buttons are brown, faux wood and larger than a dress shirt. It is warm and flannelly and really comfy to wear. Loose fit. Herringbone weave.

Here's me in some of them. See how closely the buffalo plaid fits to the body. Great for layering.

Which is your favorite?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Sparkle tweed Campbell Blazer and Martie Pants

Blazer: fits TTS, which means a 00 for me. I am busty for my overall build, but the blazer feels good even buttoned. That means there's room at the just and that its buttoning ok at the waist, given the single-button style.

Pros: interesting fabric; good construction; good fit.

Cons: loose threads under the collar; boring light grey flannel lining under the collar (no popping this one). 

Overall, I quite love it. Here is a closeup of the fabric and a few pictures. 

So you see the sparkle comes from the tiniest flat sequins threaded on to the tweed: I like the tweed: it is soft and high quality because it is warm.

Under collar.

Inside pocket, lining and finish.

Martie pant:
Fits one size too small. I sized up to a P2, while I usually wear a 00R. The petite length is good, and the leg is cut slim, so I love the look overall. Pleats at the front, over the tummy, but they are subtle.

Pros: warm, great silhouette; well fitted, if you find the right size. Hidden side zipper. Fully lined.

Cons: none, really.

Overall, the pants are really cute and sophisticated.

 Notched ankle opening, which I like

Hidden zipper 

I love the whole thing, folks. So help me, .....