Tuesday, January 27, 2015

JCrew Collection Wool Jumpsuit, hthr carbon - redux

So, if you recall, I only managed to get the regular size in this jumpsuit, way back in the Fall. But if there's one rule with JCrew, it is: nothing is ever altogether lost (except perhaps your dignity and sleep as your eyes automatically flutter wide open at 4am so you can troll for pop backs). 

So I did, and I finally got my hands on a P2.

Sizing, then, has to be TTS in your general physical category. Choose petite if you're petite - because proportions are everything in jumpsuits.

The other stuff is the same as before. It's a great understated piece. Easy to wear; woollen; layer with turtleneck; pockets; band collar. Love.

Please ignore the over abundance of leopard print calf hair shoes in my closet. It's the crewlade...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Norwegian Reality Show Sends Fashion Bloggers To Experience Sweatshops In Cambodia

What an amazing, scary, thought provoking and depressing thing.

Article and clips at:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

JCrew Collection French Tweed Coat, 00 + styling ideas added!

Sizing: though this coat is supposed to be a classic cut and fit, it's oversized. The shoulders, in particular are a good 3" wider than usual. I'm not sure why. So I'd recommend sizing down 1-2 sizes. If you're tall, the coat will fit very differently on you. See stock photos from a department store, below.

Pros: excellent fabric, excellent craftsmanship; chic colours. Awesome and roomy for layering: blanket scarf heaven.

Cons: you have to be regular sized to have a hope with the fit.  Unless youve got the flair to pull it off even when petite. Why not, I say?

I cannot bring myself to part with this one. It's just all that and more.  Très chic. A grown up coat, for sure. 

You see there's room inside for layering.

The pattern is perfectly matched *everywhere*.

I couldn't go lower than a size 00, bc that's the smallest size made. Your thoughts?

The back. Told you it is perfectly matched.

Inside breast pocket and lining in navy. 

This is a true collection piece. 

You can see how the shoulders are made too wide. It's bc of the body of the coat, being wide, and the structure of the coat: a large rectangle with sleeves.

For inspiration:

High heels, skinny outfit, loose hair.

Topknot, chunky turtleneck, eyeliner, very French chic, roll/pull/zhuzjh up the sleeves. Closest to my idea of chic.

Oddball in her loafers and wide pants in the middle of winter....

And that's not all: navy leather skinny pants and fur top peeking out from under, or bulky tipped blazer and large scarf . High heeled boots.

If you're tall, the coat will fit differently: still loose, but a more trim length. The model is 178 cm or 5,11:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Harley of Scotland fair isle sweaters for JCrew

I adore both of these, which I ordered in my standard size XS.  They are jumpers, so, a little boxy, a little cropped, perfect length sleeves and gorgeous wool, rib trim, colours. I'm sad I have to keep both: it will devastate my budget.

I was deeply scarred by an ill-made yoke fair isle sweater by j crew, a couple of years back. The very popular one that came in a peachy-orange colour. It felt oddly constricting at the yoke, as if the yoke was a whole other piece sewn on to the sweater. Not so, with this knit. It's all a beautiful, flattering, cohesive whole. 

Oh, I would give half my kingdom for a flat stomach. And my long hair but silkier, smoother and straighter. I just can't make my curls work when it's long... But I digress. 

The sweaters are perfect, they are keepers. Mind, the lambswool is sturdy, but not the densest that I've ever worn.

JCrew collection shiny puffer jacket

Sizing: I sized down one to an XXS, and it was still a loosy goosy fit.  Well enough room for layering.

Pros: interesting colours; ribbed cuffs and collar. Double zipper. Easy pockets.

Cons:  the scale of the diamond quilting, the oversized fit and the cut of the jacket made it a garment that seemed to add weight and unnecessary bulk to my frame. I didn't like the cranberry colour either. I have a love-hate relationship with maroon & in this shiny puffer material, it was a hate.

Deets: the jacket is cut straight and long. It easily covers your butt, and it's not snug over the hips or butt. So it feels like a car coat that turned into a wannabe bomber jacket puffer. Since others love the colour, I was tempted to keep it for a few days and see it letting it sit on ice would work. The. I just ordered the blue and returned the cranberry. I'll update with blue pics when I get it.

Verdict: blah. Return.

This last picture captures best how I felt in the jacket: wierd.

The colour seems to photograph well, I must admit. C'est la vie!