Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Harley of Scotland fair isle sweaters for JCrew

I adore both of these, which I ordered in my standard size XS.  They are jumpers, so, a little boxy, a little cropped, perfect length sleeves and gorgeous wool, rib trim, colours. I'm sad I have to keep both: it will devastate my budget.

I was deeply scarred by an ill-made yoke fair isle sweater by j crew, a couple of years back. The very popular one that came in a peachy-orange colour. It felt oddly constricting at the yoke, as if the yoke was a whole other piece sewn on to the sweater. Not so, with this knit. It's all a beautiful, flattering, cohesive whole. 

Oh, I would give half my kingdom for a flat stomach. And my long hair but silkier, smoother and straighter. I just can't make my curls work when it's long... But I digress. 

The sweaters are perfect, they are keepers. Mind, the lambswool is sturdy, but not the densest that I've ever worn.


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I had not seen these (because I try not to shop sweaters-have absolutely no need for more). However, I ordered the brown one to try ;) Hoping it's long enough...

    1. Excellent! I'm sure you'll like it. If it's cropped, you just have to wear high waisted pants with it/them.