Tuesday, March 18, 2014

J Crew Puff Sleeve Blazer in Pinstripe, 00

Pros: wool, fine suiting material; beautifully fitted; puff at top of shoulder is a very neat box pleat style - almost like origami - doesn't look cartoonish, but has the effect of squaring your shoulders in a ladylike way; beautifully lined and finished. Sleeve length ideal for petite-me.

Cons: only the pinstripe is wool, others are cotton.  I can't think of any other cons! I'd love a cropped pant to go with the jacket for a trendy suit!

Sizing: TTS. I ordered my usual size for woollen schoolboy blazers.

Verdict: adorable, smart, flattering, easy to dress up and down. Slam dunk. Now I want one in every other colour. Keep.

Side note: shown with pearl earrings, also currently on promo. Absolutely adore them!

This is the top of the sleeve.

Couldn't get a decent side shot without showing my face...


  1. I like the pinstripes. Great observation about the pleats. They're definitely not run-of-the-mill. Like or dislike of the puff will vary. I was in-store and a woman was returning hers in a hurry like she couldn't wait to give it back as fast as possible. It was kind off funny. She referenced the puffs.

    The earrings are darling on you :)

    1. Ugh, I loathe how I am unable to type if I make an edit in the comment box. What do you think of the blazer? I thought I wouldn't be impressed, but, crewlade or not, I have to admit that it's very flattering.

    2. To be clear, I meant, what do you think of it for yourself? Did you try it in store? Are you a blazers girl?

    3. I haven't been able to try it yet. I love blazers. I don't think puffs work on me. I think it's because my neck is short to average and adding length or puffs on a horizontal line only make it look shorter. I'm also a 36C and I think that's a factor. The puffs just get too busy. I'm going to try it on next time I see it in-store just to share pics.