Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Madewell D'orsay Flat in Leather, 6

Item # a4460
Price $108.00
Online only

These flats are quite gorgeous and right on trend. They are made in China, but the construction is really good. I have pictures of the sole, and the padded insole which runs the whole length of the shoes, in leather. It is a nice little poof of an insole, quite comparable to the Tory Burch d'orsay I got around the same time for spring.

The leather can be scratched if something sharp scratches it (like the baby's little nails, in fascination).

The colour on these shows up more true to life in other daytime pictures I've posted in other reviews. Sorry, didn't have a chance to snap close ups during the am for these.

Some online reviewers say they got blisters after wearing them. I have worn them once so far and thankfully not gotten blisters. The leather inside the shoe is well finished and my ankles/heels didn't rub against the cut outs. So I guess it might depend on the foot...

Verdict: keep! 

Love this detail on the back

This picture shows the crease point in the toe box. I like that it's near the seam so the shoes won't start looking old too quickly.

Padded footbed.


  1. Thanks for the review. I love the back detail too, and what a great color!