Saturday, March 15, 2014

Curator Pant, Poppy, 00

General note; it used to be that I only wore size 00 in low rise pants and needed 0 in higher rise ones at JCrew. This being the result of a persistent pooch at the waist/tummy, and no hips to speak of. Halfway through last year, though, it became clear that JCrew has changed sizing to be consistent across all pants. So I now order 00 in everything. The only one that still needed a 0 was the high waisted Collection trouser in foulard from the winter 2013 line. I'm a size 25 in all jeans.

Pros: drapes well; comfortable; slouchy but tailored; cropped nicely to hit at ankle length for me; pockets.

Cons: poly; slouchy; flappy ankle, requiring heels to make it look sophisticated on me.

Sizing: TTS. No problems zipping (I zipped my flesh up last year when I tried on the highlighter yellow right after having a baby. The experience has definitely scarred me emotionally.)

Verdict: So, the curator pants are as usual. The colour is definitely a slightly pinky red. The material is unlined and poly as usual. I was thinking I'd name it some kind of cherry red, if I were doing the naming. Great drape.
I also got the navy. Keep both. 

It looks terrible with flats (madewell d'orsay in nude, love), but the half tuck totally appeals to me for giving hip shape without revealing tum.

You see.

Trying to capture colour. Contrasting with sweater in heather midnight blue.

Unlined, as usual. Small slit in side of leg opening is visible on left, in my palm.


  1. I am curious about the d'orsay flat; they look darling. I am concerned about the open sides, though. Do they seem to make the shoe less supportive and comfortable. Also, how was the sizing? Thanks again.

    1. Hi maryeb! The madewell flats are really nice and completely supportive, actually. I'll post a review some time this evening.