Wednesday, March 19, 2014

J Crew shoe clips

Lovely and well made. But, there are sharp prongs in the clip back that will dig into the inside of your shoe. This is necessary to keep the clip in place but if you clip it on a smooth leather surface, it could also marr the shoe.

I have previously bought and returned the Lulu Frost shoe clips. Those looked and felt cheap in comparison. These look like jewellery for shoes and instantly transform and enhance the shoes. 

Verdict: lovely accents. Keepers. 

See the teeth? In the clip that's standing away from the "brooch" portion. Top view.

Another attempt to capture the teeth and slight curvature of the brooch portion (so it will adhere nicely to a shoe).


  1. Hey Maqsad. These are J. Crew clips, but not Lulu Frost?

    1. Yes, these are not Lulu Frost, only J Crew.