Friday, October 24, 2014

JCrew boiled wool sweater with elasticated hem

Sizing: you could size down if you want the hem to hit a little higher. Pictures is the XS.

Pros: the wool is substantial and dense, though not high end silky soft; warm sweater

Cons: bulky seams, what with the heavy boiled wool and the elastication

Verdict:I wish it were shorter, so if highlights high waisted jeans more. When I pull it down properly, it doesn't puff excessively, but the length I prefer is the puffy version in the pictures. It's an interesting piece, but not one I'm dying over. I'd probably get the navy, on super sale, if I did.

What do you think?
The length I prefer, but too bulky to wear like this.

Wearing it higher on the hip.


Pulled down.

Pulled down properly

Close up of wool.

Bulky seam. Feels heavy.


  1. I got this sweater in grey in xs. My normal size. I did try xxs, xs, small. Ended up w xs. I am not sure about this sweater. It is bulky so it feels heavy and does not drape well. I was so excited about this after seeing it on maison kmv instagram bc she looked so good. But on me...not sure and it just look like a sweatshirt and it's expensive!!! I m still deciding on this...leaning toward returning though...

  2. Hii! I love this sweater, but it's sold out. Would you consider selling this??

    1. Hi Katrina! I'm so sorry, but I didn't keep this one. Good luck on your search and thanks for visiting!