Friday, October 3, 2014

J.Crew Fall 2014

Hi all,

I tried on the lambswool double zip sweater and the short duffle coat. 

Both are TTS. Both were entirely unremarkable.

Discoveries and observations: there's a preponderance of lambswool sweaters this year. This seems to be a cost cutting measure: as my picture below shows, the lambswool is not thick-knit, but a very loose gauge, with noticeably less warmth than expected.

Similarly, the duffle coat is "wool Melton", which has about 25% nylon, 73% wool and 2% other fibers. It feels a little stiff, and isn't warm like some of my other coats. If I had loved the style I would have kept it though. I thought it wasn't special enough. Major pro: side entry pockets (pictured) on top of the flap pockets for keeping hands warm.

I'm just holding the sweater up to the light here. You can see how thin (?) the gauge is. (Pls correct me if I'm using that phrase incorrectly!)

I've got so many pictures and reviews waiting, I feel like just posting wordlessly. Where does the day go?? 

UPDATE: FYI I finished an older review of the regent blazer and it posted below the coach shoes review. Can't get blogger to fix it. Pls scroll down if interested!


  1. Thank you for the reviews, Maqsad! I agree that both items are rather unremarkable, but the coat does look cute on you though. Too bad it isn't warmer. I do like that it has a hood though.

    I completely understand about the disappearing time these days. I just do not have enough hours in my day to do everything that needs to be done. I guess we can only do what we can do. Just try to prioritize and make sure the truly important 'to dos' get put at the top of the list.

    I hope you have a great day! :)

    1. Thank you for the supportive words, Melissa. It seems we are going through a really tumultuous time right now. It's kind of making me reel in disbelief! I hope you are doing better and wondered if you were able to order the mules yet? Have a good day yourself!

    2. I signed up for the outlet, but haven't been able to access it, or received any emails from them. Not sure what's going on with that.

      As for the Regent Blazer post, just go into the scheduling option when editing the post, and make the date for today, and time for now. That should push it to the front. :)

  2. Thanks for the reviews, maqsad! The duffle coat is cute and I like the shade of gray they used. From the close up picture it seems as though the zipper is exposed when the coat is zipped up? That would be a huge deal breaker for me. The pocket side entry is always a big plus in my book.

    Looking forward to the upcoming reviews!

    1. Thank you, Ivanka! I love getting comments! The coat zipper would be hidden, so the only visible closure would be the rope and wood pulls up top. Perhaps you can try it on in a store? I see the coat went on sale today. You could also call CS, tell them you have doubts but want to try and request that they annotate the order to allow returns. Then place the order through them. It should work. Good luck! Oh, I posted one other review yesterday too. Details in post now included above.