Friday, October 24, 2014

JCrew classic silk blouse

Sizing: given the extra long tail of this shirt and dodgy arm length, I went with my standard P2. Go with petite sizing if you are usually between regular and petite.

Pros: the silk is of better quality than the Blythe blouse; it is a chiffon silk, lighter, wispier to the touch. 

Cons: the extra length: this stylistically borders on boring for me, and rely only looks interesting if worn with a blazer; the silk feels more delicate, being wispier. It is not a heavy duty winter-weight silk; more of a formal silk-chiffon.

Verdict: more trendy and not a must-have.

Extra long side slit. This is good for a half tuck...

Sleeve length in petite sizing.


  1. Thanks for all the reviews, maqsad! I think the blouse looks good on you, and I love the color. It's really very pretty paired with the regent blazer, too. I would say keep it if you're keeping the blazer. Love the jeans on you, and completely understand about getting a back up pair. I've done that myself on several items in the past. As for the sweatshirt, is there something I'm missing that makes it better IRL? I just don't get the love for it from the reviews I've read online or pics I've seen.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far! :)

    1. Hi Melissa! I replied yesterday but blogger ate my comment! I am bewildered by the large array of choices in jeans and long shirts by JCrew in equal parts right now! Very hard to know what to keep! Thx for your vote! I'm certainly warming up to the idea. My husband says the McGuire jeans gave me a uni-butt by the way. I still like them.
      As for the boiled wool sweatshirt, I totally concur with you. It's odd and bulky. I think the cashmere Isabella sweatshirt of yore achieved the same sort of look (volume on top, skinny on bottom) much better. It's warm though and more hard wearing than a cashmere sweatshirt - so good to wear with kids around. If I'm tempted, I'll only get the navy on super sale. Right now not tempted though. HTH.
      Hope you're having a great weekend!