Sunday, October 26, 2014

JCrew Colorblock Hooded Coat

My favourite colours include rusty browns and navy, so I definitely prefer the navy in this coat.

Sizing: TTS. I took my usual 0.

Pros: great and warm woollen fabric. Leather tipped edges! Very functional, with great hood and good deep side pockets. Easy buy. Good attention to detail: the colour blocking is continued to the inside of the coat - see pictures, right inside the front zipper.

Cons: none that I can see. 

Verdict: keeper, if you need it or are a mom with little ones.

Don't I look tall!?


  1. Thanks for another great review, maqsad! I love that the coat has the hood, and may consider this one in the solid version once it goes on sale. How warm would you rate it? Will it withstand temps in the teens or below 0?

    1. Hi Melissa! Thx for your comment. I think it's the standard warmth of a good wool coat by JCrew. I layer a thick sweater and scarf and can then wear such a coat below zero too. In the teens might be pushing it a bit for me: once I get my puffer coat out it's hard to go back!

    2. Ok thanks! I have a puffer coat from Gap that I wore constantly when we got here earlier this year, so it will probably be my constant companion again this year, too. Unless I can somehow justify a new one from The North Face. Where did you get your puffer coat?

    3. You're welcome, Melissa! I actually have the JC puffer right now. I like the cut and fit and the rib trim and built in fingerless gloves in that coat. But it's not as warm as my last (no-name puffer). I might go in for a north face one too, soonish!