Wednesday, October 29, 2014

JCrew Collection silk peasant blouse

Sorry, I lost these photos, or this would have been up earlier!

Sizing: I really wanted to have the top hit me in the right spot at the hip, so I went for P2. In that sense it is true to size.

Pros: just as pictured, very wearable, delicate crochet, lovely silk, fully lined. Dress up or down.

Cons: lined in poly.

My opinion: I keep eyeing those boho tops on made well and jc models but never find one to suit me. I liked this one, by the silk is full weight (not like the ruffled shirt they tried to sell us last year, which was whisper thin and see through; the one paired with the red flowers necklace by that jc designer, remember?)

I like both colors! Such a jc sod, I am.

In black.


  1. I am also a JC sod too then, as I have this in both colors as well. :p

    1. Hi Suzy! So excited to see you here!! Yes, JCAs will understand my inexplicable reliance on all things Crew. It doesn't ever go away altogether, dammit. Case in point: searching high and low for breathable flannel pajamas for my kids. All other brands have "flannel pjs" made with poly. I don't get it. Crewcuts, however, uses cotton. It's not so much the design direction or the preppy vs classic vs trendy pull of JC that makes me loyal as much as the higher probability of quality materials for the most part. In a high street brand, any brand really considering my experience with designer poly garments, I find JC reliable.