Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dinner with two kids & hubs: OOTN , Saturday

Now that I have a collection of clothes I have carefully curated, I very much enjoy putting outfits together. Admittedly this outfit was wasted on a hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, but I felt happy in it and it was comfy whilst being a bit edgy and a bit chic. My husband said I looked French - and he is a big snob when it comes to clothing choices...

The blazer is JCrew Collection (old); watch is MK Chronograph in rose gold; Sequin tank is JCrew (old) and boyfriend tee layered under it is Land's End; leather stripe pixie pants in black from JCrew; Martina wedges in bronzed clay; Double breasted Cocoon Coat, JCrew Collection, Winter 2013.

Pls ignore the blazer sleeves poking out from under the coat sleeves in this last picture: the latter are the right length while the former are too long and meant to be rolled up. It was cold so I didn't want to do much other than get in the car quick with my hair all wet...

Wanted to try at least one other jewellery piece - but there's ony so much you can achieve with hungry children waiting...


  1. I utterly love everything you've put on your blog! I'm so impressed. More of everything, please. :)

    1. That is the kindest, most encouraging comment ever! Thank you so much, clotted creame, for making my day! I've got lots more to post about but the pictures need to be taken. I'll get on it!