Tuesday, January 27, 2015

JCrew Collection Wool Jumpsuit, hthr carbon - redux

So, if you recall, I only managed to get the regular size in this jumpsuit, way back in the Fall. But if there's one rule with JCrew, it is: nothing is ever altogether lost (except perhaps your dignity and sleep as your eyes automatically flutter wide open at 4am so you can troll for pop backs). 

So I did, and I finally got my hands on a P2.

Sizing, then, has to be TTS in your general physical category. Choose petite if you're petite - because proportions are everything in jumpsuits.

The other stuff is the same as before. It's a great understated piece. Easy to wear; woollen; layer with turtleneck; pockets; band collar. Love.

Please ignore the over abundance of leopard print calf hair shoes in my closet. It's the crewlade...

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this and think the petite sizing is definitely the right call. I am too thick waisted to pull this off, but you look great. Leopard shoes have taken over my closet too!!