Thursday, January 22, 2015

JCrew Collection French Tweed Coat, 00 + styling ideas added!

Sizing: though this coat is supposed to be a classic cut and fit, it's oversized. The shoulders, in particular are a good 3" wider than usual. I'm not sure why. So I'd recommend sizing down 1-2 sizes. If you're tall, the coat will fit very differently on you. See stock photos from a department store, below.

Pros: excellent fabric, excellent craftsmanship; chic colours. Awesome and roomy for layering: blanket scarf heaven.

Cons: you have to be regular sized to have a hope with the fit.  Unless youve got the flair to pull it off even when petite. Why not, I say?

I cannot bring myself to part with this one. It's just all that and more.  Très chic. A grown up coat, for sure. 

You see there's room inside for layering.

The pattern is perfectly matched *everywhere*.

I couldn't go lower than a size 00, bc that's the smallest size made. Your thoughts?

The back. Told you it is perfectly matched.

Inside breast pocket and lining in navy. 

This is a true collection piece. 

You can see how the shoulders are made too wide. It's bc of the body of the coat, being wide, and the structure of the coat: a large rectangle with sleeves.

For inspiration:

High heels, skinny outfit, loose hair.

Topknot, chunky turtleneck, eyeliner, very French chic, roll/pull/zhuzjh up the sleeves. Closest to my idea of chic.

Oddball in her loafers and wide pants in the middle of winter....

And that's not all: navy leather skinny pants and fur top peeking out from under, or bulky tipped blazer and large scarf . High heeled boots.

If you're tall, the coat will fit differently: still loose, but a more trim length. The model is 178 cm or 5,11:


  1. It's gorgeous, but in the end too distinctive for me -- I suspect I wouldn't reach for it enough (despite Garance Dore's love for it). Am contemplating the melton wool swing coat though...I just love the color even if it's ochre!

    1. Where did Garance Doré endorse it? I saw her pic in the noir floral coat, but not this one. I know, it's distinctive....but I think that's what makes it chic: you indeed of have go go all in.

    2. Go for the swing coat! The cut is very unique and once-in-a-lifetime....

    3. Btw, what do you think about it's dimensions on me, this coat?

    4. Oh, I am mistaken about Garance -- you are right, it was the noir floral I think. This one is chic for sure. I just know that I wouldn't reach for it enough personally. I think the front/back pics look great on you. The side picture looks a little puffed...I think that's when you see the oversized-ness on your frame but it doesn't look bad or anything. From just "knowing" you, I think the silhouette suits your style and you will wear this one a lot!! Thanks for the close ups, btw, so helpful to see the fabric.

    5. Thank you for the detailed comment, rcbshops! I totally rely on my virtual girlfriends' advice when I'm not shopping with my sisters or friends in person!

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  2. I ordered that one, loved the print, but found the button closure would not lay flat and it was greatly oversized so it wasn't a question of being too small. That and the too low top button closure made it a return for me. Now I understand why there was no front view of the coat buttoned. Design flaw in my opinion. I could live with the very low wool content and the thin material, but the wonky covered buttons popping straight forward killed it for me.

    1. Hi cmg! I didn't experience a problem with buttons, actually. Interesting. The low front opening is of course the topcoat design of it all. As Fleur de Lys pointed out to me, it's a great way to show off your scarf collection! I'll be layering a big blazer and stuff under here too, so I'm sure I'll stay warm. Slight silver lining to the oversized fit. I've been dredging for style inspo with oversized coats. Will add a few pics soon. Thx for stopping by!

  3. Maqsad, are you on IG? I thought I saw you but then you disappeared!