Friday, March 13, 2015

Sophia Webster for JCrew Jaquard Caged Shoe, with a tangent on Birkenstocks

I'm sorry I can never remember exact names... You'd forgive me if you knew the life I lead. If you do need an item number, just drop me a comment.

Sizing: run half size small. I picked up the last 36.5 and it fits perfectly. Normally I wear a 36 in European sizing. 

(Which reminds me that Birkenstock 36 posing as a US 5.5 or 6 is totally misleading. If you're a US 6, you need a 35 in the Birks).

Pros: lovely craftsmanship. The glittery gold is a jaquard fabric, backed in leather, leather sole, suede piping, buttons, and suede covered heel. The heel is 3", not more, and supremely comfortable.

Cons: these are statement and mildly space-y shoes. Heck, Princess Leia might wear them to a space-bar. So the question becomes, where would a mom living in a small suburb (albeit full of social events, that she does not partake in) wear them? The other con is that the shoe-models for most caged shoes have cankles or smth.  Never do I find a well-fitted shoe that has a zip opening. It's like the knee high boots that don't fit exactly on scrawny calves (another of my personal crosses). 

So, gorgeous as these are, what should one do? Trust me, I already have a shoe museum, that I giddily add to in moments of insanity. When sober, though, I'm beginning to feel appalled and a little suffocated. 

Help me, my friends.

And some styling inspiration from Net a porter:

Talk about expertly dressing them down!

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