Thursday, May 15, 2014

Linen maxi dress, JCrew, Spring/Summer 2014

This is a modified version of the collection silk maxi dress. An "umbrella cut" shape, though with far less fabric (almost reducing it to an A-line floor length.)

Linen 100% outer; cotton 100% inner lining; machine washable; floor length without dragging on petite-me. Blue and green hues are gorgeous. No plunging neckline (can I get a hallelujah!?).

Cons: no pockets! The linen is not soft. I worry that the colours will fade with washing. It is the kind of linen that feels like stiff paper... Not very soft. I'm just blown away by the all-cotton-machine-washable part, but these too are sad realities. Not the best armholes in the world... On the large/loose side, but not deal breakers.

Sizing: TTS. If you want to try reducing the size of the armhole, you could feasibly size down one. 

Verdict: I'm always looking for modest, nice maxi dresses that are THE RIGHT LENGTH FOR ME!! Keepers. I think I might keep all three colours. Is that awful?

True to life colours, except the green, which is a brighter emerald colour.

FYI, the Panama hat with the neon ribbon is terrific and way less graphic than the traditional version. I think I'm keeping it.

Barefoot and it's not underfoot. Yay! I really missed pockets though!

With the chambray Slingback heels and it's not awful at all!

Neckline and notice the angling at the shoulders will expose bra straps.

Side view

Made in Phillippines, FYI.

The shape and breadth of the dress. More a-line than umbrella...

Lining, perfectly dyed to match and tacked to the seams of the dress.

Are you sold on this one?


  1. Just wanted to tell that your reviews are great. Even though I'm not a dress kind of person (i have about three dresses and they only get worn in summer sometimes) I read your review from beginning to end. i especially love the pro's and con's. Very to the point and factual. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Fleur de Lys, for your visit and your lovely comment! I look forward to your future visits!