Wednesday, October 29, 2014

JCrew Collection silk peasant blouse

Sorry, I lost these photos, or this would have been up earlier!

Sizing: I really wanted to have the top hit me in the right spot at the hip, so I went for P2. In that sense it is true to size.

Pros: just as pictured, very wearable, delicate crochet, lovely silk, fully lined. Dress up or down.

Cons: lined in poly.

My opinion: I keep eyeing those boho tops on made well and jc models but never find one to suit me. I liked this one, by the silk is full weight (not like the ruffled shirt they tried to sell us last year, which was whisper thin and see through; the one paired with the red flowers necklace by that jc designer, remember?)

I like both colors! Such a jc sod, I am.

In black.

Pinstripe pant in Japanese wool

Sizing: this runs true to size. So, I ordered and fit in my usual 00 for pants.

Pros: excellent fabric, extra warm. See close up for a sense of the texture of the wool. It's a fuzzy soft wool, very comforting and comfortable to the touch. Excellent cut, close to the leg. Hits right past the ankle for me, slim fitted leg. For taller women this will be a cropped or ankle length pant. 

Cons: none, really.

My opinion: this is a great work pant. I adore pinstripes, navy, wool, slim fit, so this hits all the right spots! The rise hits at the navel, FYI.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wool Melton Swing Coat

Sizing: totally oversized,like the swing cotton trench from the summer. Size down one or two sizes. If you're petite, the arm length is ridiculous even after sizing down.

Pros: the exaggerated collar and asymmetric hem; front pockets that are deep and functional.

Cons: this wool Melton fabric is no good. I've looked at a couple of coats manufactured in this fabric: it is cardboardy, lacking warmth entirely and contains a third of poly and "other materials".  The arm length makes it a tough sell for petite ladies.

Composition of wool Melton 

Shape of the coat.

My opinion: this coat attracted me with the mustard colour and the oversize silhouette. I also ordered gray jic. It is, in my mind, jcrew's offering to fill that void in your closet of a "vintage oversized coat" a la Garance DorĂ©. I really don't like that even the 00 is huge on me. I could make it work, but for that price, one wants more, really. Why not do petite sizing in oversized coats??  

As you can see, moreover, the mustard is a sad green colour, rather than the luminescent yellow online.

So I tried the mustard in size 0. I was not in front of my mirror. So I took a gazillion bad selfies. The coat was a mess. Below, a selection of the selfies.

If it weren't for my feet, you couldn't tell I  was in there! That's how stiff and huge this was on me!

True colour.

This morning I tried the 00 on in front of a mirror. Still not the slam dunk I was hoping for:

See those sad sleeves? Go to the product page on the site and see the contrast between The fit on the Amazonian model and myself.

Then I styled it with my pumps and the blazer lying on my chairdrobe. It accommodated the bulk of the houndstooth tweed blazer with nary a hiccup. The sleeve length marginally improved. This is the closest I can get to making this thing look good.

Sleeve length improved a bit.

Letting it all swing.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

OOTD: all weekend long...and Madewell Crop Tee

I suddenly turned a bit moto yesterday!

Wearing: Rag & Bone Harrow ankle boots (black suede); IRO perforated & other leather jacket (decided to keep it after all) ; McGuire for JCrew jeans (with front flap pockets); Madewell cropped tee in B&W stripe; cashmere getaway hoodie by JCrew; Madewell stacker rings.

It was interesting to see a totally different vibe coming out of my closet. Also it highlighted to me my need for a black cross-body bag...

I love the cropped tee from madewell btw. It fits TTS. The only con is that it has drop shoulders. But awesome price ($38.50) and great product. 

JCrew Colorblock Hooded Coat

My favourite colours include rusty browns and navy, so I definitely prefer the navy in this coat.

Sizing: TTS. I took my usual 0.

Pros: great and warm woollen fabric. Leather tipped edges! Very functional, with great hood and good deep side pockets. Easy buy. Good attention to detail: the colour blocking is continued to the inside of the coat - see pictures, right inside the front zipper.

Cons: none that I can see. 

Verdict: keeper, if you need it or are a mom with little ones.

Don't I look tall!?


JCrew Collection silk top ( I had it shortened to suit my height); JCrew Collection silk cafe Capri (~2012); JCrew Collection Natasha pump in haven blue. 

This outfit was easy and very me. I had two events to attend tonight and it helped me fit both!

Friday, October 24, 2014

JCrew classic silk blouse

Sizing: given the extra long tail of this shirt and dodgy arm length, I went with my standard P2. Go with petite sizing if you are usually between regular and petite.

Pros: the silk is of better quality than the Blythe blouse; it is a chiffon silk, lighter, wispier to the touch. 

Cons: the extra length: this stylistically borders on boring for me, and rely only looks interesting if worn with a blazer; the silk feels more delicate, being wispier. It is not a heavy duty winter-weight silk; more of a formal silk-chiffon.

Verdict: more trendy and not a must-have.

Extra long side slit. This is good for a half tuck...

Sleeve length in petite sizing.

McGuire for JCrew Jeans, front pockets

Sizing: I have started sizing down to a 24. There's a small chance that I've become a 24, from my erstwhile 25. So I'd say these are TTS.

Pros: awesome fit; exactly the right inseam (I'm 5,3" and they hit exactly at the ankle); extremely soft denim. Great design. 

Cons: none.

Verdict. Tempted to buy a second pair as back up.

JCrew boiled wool sweater with elasticated hem

Sizing: you could size down if you want the hem to hit a little higher. Pictures is the XS.

Pros: the wool is substantial and dense, though not high end silky soft; warm sweater

Cons: bulky seams, what with the heavy boiled wool and the elastication

Verdict:I wish it were shorter, so if highlights high waisted jeans more. When I pull it down properly, it doesn't puff excessively, but the length I prefer is the puffy version in the pictures. It's an interesting piece, but not one I'm dying over. I'd probably get the navy, on super sale, if I did.

What do you think?
The length I prefer, but too bulky to wear like this.

Wearing it higher on the hip.


Pulled down.

Pulled down properly

Close up of wool.

Bulky seam. Feels heavy.