Monday, December 21, 2015

JCrew Review: Nordic Parka, XXS

I got this in the blue colour way, though I quite like the olive too. I think the orange lining on the olive was a bit off putting, it resembles my 6yo's jacket. 

Anyhow, great, hefty, warm jacket. Ordered the kids' parka to try on, side by side. That is flimsier. This one is quilted on the inside, with thinsulate too. 

It has a soft inner collar, that rests against your neck and adds insulation. See picture: 

It has similar ribbed cuffs inside the sleeves to keep the sleeves and arms airtight. 

The front has a two way zipper, with a woven zipper pull and also buttons for style. I doubt I will ever do up the buttons.

There are a gazillion pockets: there's boob pockets, for the keep-your-hands-in-pockets while you stroll. There's the large front patch pockets. Those open at the top, where you see the buttons, and they open at the sides in case you want to stick your hands in there rather than boob pockets.   All pockets are lined on the inside with fleece. 
There is a zipped pocket on the inside lapel of the coat:

And there are those parachute pull things on the inside, to define a waist, if you feel the need:

The inner lining is quilted in large diamonds, as visible here. The outside is a nice dark navy, and the inner lining is a contrasting brighter steely blue, above a "skirt", which is dark navy.  The skirt is large open pockets, too, on the inside lapels, in both sides, like men's coats.

The inside of the hood is lined in navy fleece. Feels good on. The faux fur trim 
Is really high quality. It spikes out and separates just like real fur. It's got these shaded tips, which complement my skin and hair tone. It's a thick, luxurious fur trim, like I spent last winter admiring on other people's jackets in Europe. So I think it's a great budget friendly piece for a really stylish and warm parka.

Definitely warmer than the standard long puffer jacket from JCrew, which I also own.

I got the XS and the XXS to try. The XXS is a nice trim fit. The XS wasn't awful, and would be an easier thing to wear if I had on one of my ghastly all wool chunky knit cardis or smth (remember the first iteration of the bonfire cardigan in chunky knit lambswool? In creme? That one.)

 But other than that I prefer the XXS. It fits true to size to a touch large, then. I always get 00 in blazers and 0 in overcoats. Unless the overcoats are oversized, in which case I get 00.

Final verdict: great piece! My husband loves it too. Which is huge for him to admit bc he officially detests JCrew bc of my addiction to it.  :)

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