Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Collection French Tweed Jacket

Size: 0
Colour: Spicy orange multi
Item #F1590
Overall recommendation: thumbs down. 

Fit: the jacket fit TTS to small. I got a 0, which is my regular size in outerwear and jackets I want to be able to close over my bust with ease.

Pros: cropped, nice depth of neck opening

Cons: this jacket sheds like crazy. This is my carpet and floor from just putting the garment on. 

The more I moved, the more flotsam and jetsam it released. By the time I packed it away, the floor was covered in debris. The shirt I layered under it was also covered. I was shocked - it was quite farcical.  I spent a good ten minutes vacuuming the floor and my calf-hair (not to be vacuumed) rug, after tryin this on.

Second con: the fringe ring around the shoulder seam, and the fringing in general gives the jacket a touch of bath mat, as opposed to sophisticated Chanelesque piece. I didn't like the buttons. The colour was odd, though also luminescent in the right light.

This is not the jacket to lust after if you want a wardrobe investment piece. I'd recommend the cheaper but better constructed FringyTweed Jacket in its place (#F1586).

This jacket was on proper sale two days ago. Now it's showing full price again. Avoid falling for pricing games. 

Note giant back ripple if I button it all the way. That speaks of excess fabric.

Back looks fine when jacket is open

Inside lining, satin trim and inner breast pocket

Dress-maker giant hooks, for a hidden hook and eye closure

The braided trim

Sleeve opening, with evidence of flotsam settled on shirt underneath. Notice that the jacket has cropped sleeves, leaving the whole shirt cuff to show underneath. I like that.

I was sad, but happy for my wallet, to see that this jacket was a total bust. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.


  1. Enjoyed both of these reviews very much (this one and the next post -- that leather knot bracelet!!) Giggled at the 'bath mat' comparison, hehe. Too bad about the jacket but thank you for taking one for the team. I can't believe how much that thing seems to shed, how ridiculous. That bracelet would make a lovely gift for someone in that exquisite, careful packaging. Thanks for putting them on my radar!

    1. Hi TM93!

      Thank you for dropping by and the delicious comment! I write for you all to write back to me! The KJP stuff is lovely, indeed! Good to "see" you again! 😘