Friday, August 1, 2014

J.Crew Cross-Body Bag in Hibiscus Floral

So, I was intrigued by this bag because it claimed to be all leather. With the hibiscus print on top! I had to see it for myself.

Pros: the bag is totally leather, with beautiful suede lining of the inner flap and the mouth of the bag. The strap can be removed entirely and worn as a belt, if you're a size 00 or 0! (Disclaimer: I didn't actually try it on, to say this with 100% confidence, but was excited by the idea. If you like, you can get CS to give you a measurement of the strap, so you can judge for yourself.)
                  The bag can be carried as a clutch. It is roomy enough to carry a small wallet, cellphone, make-up, Kleenex with ease, as well as allowing you to stuff in some bulky car keys on the side.  It seems to be a version of saffiano leather, but since saffiano is not claimed in the product description, my bet would be that it's a cheaper version of saffiano.

Cons: the print is not as gorgeous nor the colours as compelling on the bag as I wanted them to be. Perhaps the fault lies in the scale of the print: if it were a bit more densely printed, it might have appealed to me more.

Sizing: the strap has multiple holes and it should sit comfortably wherever you want to wear it.

Verdict: Don't get me wrong, it's still a lovely piece. But not one that I found it hard to tear myself away from. I think it's a great price on sale now and if you can get it at 50% off through a store (order from red phone), you'd do great! If you need a cross-body, go for it! (I did get mine before it went on final sale, bewarned!)

True colours.

Slit pocket on the exterior back of the bag

Texture of the leather: saffiano?


Suede interior trim and inner lining on flap. Note how the strap is threaded through. I didn't take the plastic off it, since I wasn't keeping it.

Black cloth dustbag.


  1. Thank you for this review! Have had my eye on this one...

    1. Did you end up getting it? You're most welcome! Thx for visiting!