Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reid jeans in macaye wash & dolman sweater with rib trim

Sizing: as perfect as the Reid jeans were, you knew JCrew would do smth to mess things up: the inseam on regular sizes, ridiculous at 32", standard, sometimes even 33"!!

I have decided for a while now that I really don't agree with nor will put up with jeans hemming. If the inseam is wrong, they go back. 

The trouble with petite sizing is that they make the rise small, which defies my comprehension. On me, that is a complete disaster. With hesitation, then, I ordered petite sizing. Next came the question of whether to do one size bigger in the petite, which used to be the old guideline. For instance, if you wear a regular 0, then you would get a P2 in the days of yore. But, I took my regular waist size in the petite here too: I wear a 24R in jeans (as of late), and the 24P worked in these. 

Pros: well fitted, well cut, straight leg (I love that look), nice wash. Good stretch, though not overly soft material.

Cons: the distressing feels contrived to me. I don't know if it works for me. The button at the waist was too big for the buttonhole and I had a very hard time opening it.

Verdict: conflicted. Your opinion would be helpful.


sizing: this is very oversized. I ordered a regular XXS and you can see that it's still ridiculous. If you're petite, you will definitely need to use petite sizing. In regular you can size down up to two sizes.

Pros: good knit, soft, silky, warm, merino. Nice crew neck; Rib trim at the neck is wide, which I like.

Cons: terrible fit. This is supposed to be a swingy sweater I think, which Is not new at this point. The dolman sleeves were nothing special. I think the medium didn't really make the sleeves special.

Verdict: total disaster. Total return.

See how long the sleeves are on me.

Very swingy in the back

Higher rise, though not high-rise, is one of the design points of the Reid jeans.

The disaster of the sweater is more apparent in camel.

That's the lilac collection wool top layered under. Review coming up soon.

Thoughts on jeans?


  1. The sweater didn't look too, too bad until you got to the camel. It's just a sack. No on the jeans, imo. They look really good on you shapewise, particularly from the side. However, there are too many different distressing ideas happening on one pair. I particularly don't like the gaping, yet closed hole at the right thigh. Then the white part below looks like 2 paint splotches. That section ruined the look for me. All commentary against the jeans and none against you. $0.02

  2. Honestly I like the jeans on you. They look very flattering and I bet would look good with a heel if you wanted to wear them.
    The sweaters are a "no go" in my opinion. Sorry.

  3. That last pic is hilarious, hadn't noticed it was that big in the navy. Can't advise you on the jeans as I'm in the minority group of not liking distressed jeans;-))