Thursday, June 19, 2014

J Crew Collection Bonded Linen-Merino Tee & Linen Drapey Pull-On Pant in Stripe

Bonded linen-merino tee:
Pros: good length, amazing colour; well-crafted

Cons: boxy style, which most regular JCAs hate (I don't mind it and didn't dislike it here); exposed zipper at back of neck (but it's a high quality, smooth running and gold-coloured zipper. You need to open the zipper to get the top on and off. 

Sizing: the website warned that this is oversized. I sized down one to XXS. That was the right call.

Verdict: the biggest question mark about this top is which weather if is best suited to. With consistently late-blooming summers, though, I think I'll find sufficient use for it. I adore the colour, which is a flattering soft "neon flamingo" pink. Also it's super discounted, which makes if easy to accept. Keeper!

[review of pants after the photos]

Notice how the backs of the shoulders wing out because of the boxy cut combined with the stiff material.

Linen pants:
Pros: beautiful cotton upper, lined inside; easy cut, well stitched; pockets

Cons: pleats under the elasticated waistband! Questionable print/pattern.

Sizing: TTS, I took my regular 00

Verdict: these pants are quite photogenic but borderline laughable in person. That doesn't stop me seriously considering them. The pleats (why are they there??) make the front puffy. I like how they're styled rolled up in the style guide. I will try that out tomorrow. They are so easy and the cloth is do beautiful that I'm very tempted by them. My worry is that my natural predilection for tailored pieces will clash with this current trend of pajama dressing. Plus it simultaneously reminds me of a circus tent stripe and a pillow cover stripe. It's a controversial piece, clearly. And what is the occasion to which this garment speaks? I'm afraid that I don't dress to lounge, nor do I feel comfortable dressing up a lounge-about outfit. This is the sort of fashion quandary J Crew throws one into (although, thankfully far less of late, given the downhill turn they seem to have taken). 

Here are some close ups of the pants.

Pleats at the waistband.

With the tee by mark alary (or whatever his last name is).

Thoughts? Thanks for reading!


  1. Where are your blue sandals from? They are so adorable!

    1. Thanks, CC! They are Tory Burch from maybe 3 years ago. I noticed madewell has a lookalike out right now. You sd check it out. The difference is in the width of the top strap: TB's is about 2.5 to 3 inches wide. Madewelllooks like 1.5" wide. Of course leather quality too, but a near enough look alike...

  2. I actually don't think the pants are laughable at all. They are perfect for beach vacations. Just throw on a simple white tee and some sandals and off to the Pool Bar for lunch. Or, pair with a white button down and some nice jewelry and maybe some espadrilles or heeled sandal and you can hit the town for dinner. I had tried on in store and then ordered online to get the size right. If you size down, the puffiness around the waist (where the pleating is) is not as noticeable. They should fit well and not be too slouchy because that's when they could begin to look clownish. Personally it's so nice to see vertical stripes on SOMETHING! I love these pants!

    1. Hi annegav! Welcome & thx for commenting! You know, I was scared of being clownish bc one minute they look fantastic, the next a little too wide-striped. They are made of such fabulous fabric and fully lined and I never go on beach vacations, so the only use I'd have for them is wearing them about town. For the record, I have kept them... But it took me a while to find the confidence to do so. FYI, I also ordered the navy beach linen pant that had vertical stripes. I loved it, but it is completely see through and only worthy of being a cover up.