Monday, June 16, 2014

J Crew Collection track pant in cove floral, 00

Pros: silk, so the print and it's colours stand out beautifully; love the piping on the side, very neatly done; pockets; very wearable cut and easy material. Very neat elasticated waistband and crotch (sorry!) - I could tuck my shirt in without feeling self conscious or thinking it obscene.

Cons: dry clean only; on the long side (thought the website says it's a 26.5" inseam).

Sizing: TTS

Verdict: this is a new silhouette, especially bc I prefer a tailored look to a studied casual one. If you've tried on and loved the cotton pants in cove floral, there's really little gain over those here. I guess it just depends on whether you want to pay a premium for the silk and the collection label.  I do like these better myself and may keep them. Note that the pants are unlined.

Colours; beautiful sheen



  1. Hi, I've been considering these pants, do you feel the wool in them or does it feel mostly like silk? Thanks!

    1. Hi Pakcola! Thx for visiting. Feels mostly like silk. Beautiful fabric. I slightly regret returning my pair...

  2. ok cool, yah I'm thinking I would really like the silk version rather than the cotton. The colors look so nice!