Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OOTD: back to the 80s

I was heading out for a quick errand and had on my striped tee in lilac and ecru from saint-James/JCrew last year. So I put on my standard white jeans ... Then I thought in might be cold and didn't want anything fancy that the little one could ruin, and picked up the light blue denim jacket JCrew released in the Spring 2014 collection. I love this pale blue. Shoes: I thought about flats and wanted smth stylish but comfy and picked up my jack purcells. 
When I looked in the mirro, I felt like I was 8 years old again. I haven't dressed this simply since I was a child, I feel like, and I was never stylish then....

So, for better or worse, it's the 1980s that are back en vogue - and this is as far as I am comfortable about taking it. (Plus some high waisted straight legged pants and a crop top from Apiece Apart. Watch this space!)

Clothing items mentioned already. White jeans are JCrew white matchsticks; watch is Kate Spade and bag is Dooney and Bourke.

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