Friday, June 20, 2014

J Crew Collection Linen Slicker

Pros: it's totally coated in plastic of some sort, making it really waterproof; offers petite sizing; a glamorous and light-coloured, hence luminous, rain coat, which is quite possibly a holy grail for raincoats, good pockets, easily accessible; HOOD!! 

Cons: the hook fastenings are large and heavy and near impossible to close. The lobster clasp is very miserly in the width of its opening and is wound so tight that I found it impossible to have my finger operating the clasp and the hook trying to loop into it nearly impossible to be present simultaneously. And I have small fingers! The zipper closes smoothly. Giving the illusion that the clasps are closed, but it's still clunky.  
Another con with the clasps is that the gold finish will definitely rub off or get scratched over time. I don't know if that's noticeable unless you look closely at them, though. The coat is unlined; it is strictly a summer piece.

Sizing: I got the P2 and my usual size 0 for outerwear. I would say it fits TTS, because both fit fine in the body. Size 0R was definitely longer in the arms. See photos.

Verdict: again, in quite conflicted. I love the functionality of a hooded raincoat that's properly waterproof. However, the disfunctionality of the hooks is irksome. Everyone lives it in "the community" and at my store, so they urge me to keep it. It doesn't punch me in the gut when input it on.

This is petite.


Petite: good sleeve length and my right leg is showing you wear it hits, relative to my knee.

Size 0R: long sleeves (by a hem width, see below) and front length being demonstrated by my leg.

I put the two together to find differences in shape or construction or both. The construction and quality are consistent. The 0R has longer sleeves and front length, by a hem width, each. Funnily enough. The armhole depth is the same and the *petite* is wider at the hips and low waist than the size 0!

P2 on top of 0R. See difference in length.

P2 on top of 0R: sleeve length.

0R on top of P2: petite is a touch wider in the body!

What are your thoughts on this piece?


  1. I think the petite is better. If you have doubts on functionality, you should return it. The gold clasps while nice would be too hard to put on and off. I like my jackets to be functional. Are those pants new?

    1. Yup, new pants, review coming up!

    2. Where did you get the iro jacket?

    3. At - Nordstrom carries the same jacket (perforated leather, inaya jacket) but refused to price match! I left them some stern remarks. Intermix has many physical stores now, and they're doing extra 30% off sale for some really good deals. Good luck!

  2. I would return it, I saw it in store awhile ago and thought it was pretty ugly. It doesn't look bad on you, though. Still, you could definitely find something much better and at a more reasonable price point.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Yeah, there's do much selection bias in the positive reviews for this slicker that I'm a bit bamboozled. I've bought and returned it once before... And I just picked up an iro leather jacket on mega super duper sale so I really could use the $ elsewhere. Thx for affirming my low opinion of this piece. It gives me the push to follow my gut on it.