Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bomber in buffalo plaid wool + wool tuxedo pant

Buffalo plaid bomber:

Sizing: size down one. I show sizes 0 and 00. The 00 fits snugger and looks way better.

Pros: wool: lined beautifully inside in deep blue satin, with a little chain for hanging. 

Cons: major drop shoulders.

This jacket treat appeals to me, somehow. I liked it with the contrast of the colour block wool tuxedo pant. Would never actually wear them together, but it gives one styling ideas. I loved how they paired it with a sleek navy pencil skirt in the Norway photo shoot.

A trim silhouette, incl the fitted seamless shoulders, in size 00.

Size 00. No slouching or extra fabric over the back.


Size 0: definitely extra fabric across the back.

Size 0: shoulders look more exaggerated and the whole jacket is boxier. Arms are bunching.

Wool tuxedo pant:
Sizing: TTS. It is exactly ankle length on me, so is have to get it hemmed to wear it.

Pros: excellent fabric, woollen, warm. Lined. Well-constructed.

Cons: a tight fit in the seat and waist, as many of the cafe Capri fit pants can be.

I am unsure of this pant. The most unique thing about it is that it's woollen. Previous iterations if tuxedo pants have been thinner fabric, either silken or with silk content. I actually think the cropped tux piping is a bit of a hazard, because it can give the legs a strange shape. The pant looks best if you hide your hips with a tunic top or wear a graphic colour-blocking top. I was really chuffed with how it contrasted with the buffalo plaid bomber. Would be interested in reader opinions on this one.

The odd framing....

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  1. It's a nice unexpected pairing. There's something about buffalo print that reminds me of the holidays, so festive :-). Are you keeping the jacket? Another disappointment for me. Been wanting a buffalo plaid outerwear. Didn't buy the one JCrew made last year because it wasn't offered in petite. Now this years buffalo looks cute but I can't get over how the pattern sewn on the back of the sleeves does not align to the pattern of the body. And the length of the sleeves is too long for my petite arms (30+ is my preffered length). Oh well try again next year...