Thursday, December 11, 2014

JCrew Collection Harris tweed topcoat

Sizing: TTS but you can also go down a size. I got one in 00 (one size down) and one in 0 (my usual size before oversized garments came into being). 

Pros: gorgeous wool, beautiful in the red. The buttons are domed, which I love. Warm.

Cons: this topcoat, like all the others made this year, has a shape which always makes me think: "bole". As in the bole of a tree. It is the strangest shape, widening exactly at the hips where no woman wants widening. Also, these are cut long. I will have to take off at least 3" at the bottom to make them truly stylish for myself.

Verdict: I love the quality and will keep these if my budget can allow it.

The bole shape.

Domed button


  1. Oh how I wished to own one of their topcoats. It looks silly on me since I'm only 5'0. I ordered the navy pinstripe coat in petite, the sizing was fine but I felt conscious about the length...have you decided which one you'll keep? Both colors look nice, but I like the camel.

    1. Hi JSR! Oh, I'd vote for getting the navy pinstripe in petite back! If you like the topcoat style, that's a good one! I know what you mean about feeling odd about the length, though. Everything I normally wear is 3" shorter, so I want to get these altered ... But when I look at my pictures, I wonder if I can't pull them off as they are. I like both colours. I love the red, but it's not a 00, so I'm also feeling compelled to hang on to the camel 00 for now. I love the old plaza coat, btw. It's very top coat-ish, and used to come in petite sizing too. In case one pops back or smth, I'd vote for you to try it!

  2. These are both beautiful! Do you feel they would need to be hemmed? I like a topcoat to be slightly longer, to hit below the knee. I love the red one, I think it looks great on you (as does the camel one!). It's just that the red one feels more special, it's a real eyecatcher.
    The great thing about topcoats is that they allow you to show off all your beautiful scarves as they button low;-))

    1. Ooh, thanks for pointing our that silver lining, Fleur des Lys! I'm inspired!