Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chunky turtleneck sweater. UPDATED

Sizing: I sized down one size on this, based on reviews. I think the correct thing to do is to get your true size.  I'm going to be looking for a black in XS.
Correction: I tried on XS and it wast half as pleasant. The shoulders are too big and make a strange shape, and the body is wider but the ribbed hem is still narrower. The sweater is best worn one size down.

More pics of me in XS below.

Pros: cropped, but a really terrific chunky turtleneck; good chunkiness overall

Cons: very cropped and the sweater tends to cling to the midsection creating an awkward overall shape. A touch more swing is what I am looking for, or a square shape. Hence the need for XS, rather than the XXS I'm trying on here.

Styling: most people have been severely disappointed in the cropped length of this piece. I blame JCrew for not styling it well, in a way that clearly shows how cropped it is and what to do to make that a great thing.

So,even though I'm petite, I actually love the length of this: it is perfect to complete the illusion that high waisted jeans offer. Top it off with a cool leather (or other jacket) and you have a clean look: chunky turtleneck that doesn't stick out from under your cool jacket And highlights your legs and/or butt in high waisted jeans. 

Wearing: chunky turtleneck in XXS, hthr silver; point sur high waisted jeans in Evansville wash (size down one, if your midsection can take it); madewell biker leather jacket (current, TTS).

UPDATE: I put the XS And XXS one on top of each other. You can see the sleeves are an inch longer, and the XS is an inch wider in the body and the shoulders. 

The sweater has a triangle shape, to overcome which one must wear one size down. So I'm keeping the XXS. Also, I noticed that one XS (grey) was more tried on than the black I was sent. The worn sweater was a bit looser than the unworn one.

Bad shoulders, sleeves and general sloppiness.

Worn XS under XXS. That difference you see in width is mostly due to wear.


  1. It looks cute on you, Maqsad. Do you feel comfortable with that size? Or would going up a size make you feel better...
    Is that the madewell moto leather jacket? If it is, I am jealous! I'm back and forth with wanting to buy it. Now with the countless madewell promos, I am missing the opportunity of buying it cheap. What size did you take? I was between an S and an M. An S, length of sleeves was fine but I couldn't even zip the body. The M, comfortable, I could zip it, but the length of the sleeves were long, and it's bordering on looking big and chunky on my 36B chest. So I thought about an S would work, I just won't close the jacket. Is it dumb buying it and not be able to zip it?
    But the quality is soooo good for the price w discount.

    1. Hi JSR! Thank you! I think going up a size is definitely the thing to do. This size feels a bit skimpy.
      Yes, this is indeed the madewell moto jacket. I took my normal size (XS) and I can't zip it up. It's not really meant to be zipped up. It's very snug in the arms, btw, and super heavy. So you could size up, if zipping and arm tightness are important to you. I would prefer to layer a thin puffer vest under or a cashmere or other sweater and do a big scarf.

  2. LOVE the sweater and jacket together. You look so cool!!!!
    I tried my normal size xs in this sweater and it was major fail for me. it was too short and the drop shoulder was not good. But you look much better than I did. Perhaps.. i should go try the small or xxs?
    love the jacket!

    1. Thx, Susan!! I definitely felt cool wearing this and wanted to go out looking like that - but then my real job forced me to change into work appropriate attire! ;) definitely play around and try different sizes for the sweater. I think this whole sizing fiasco that JCrew is mired in must be helping B&m stores, bc at least you can let the SAs clean up the discards after you've tried every size out there!

  3. Very cool outfit!! Love the moto jacket/sweater/jeans outfit

  4. I loved this sweater when I first saw it on-line, but then didn't try it because of the negative reviews. Now that I see how great it looks on you, I wish I'd gotten it. I love how you styled it!

    1. Thx, maryeb! My store still had a bunch of these this week. Try a WWFIFY search, if you're able. Good luck!