Wednesday, December 17, 2014

JCrew Collection Calf Hair Metro Boots

Sizing: TTS
Quality: well-made, leather everything. Calf hair is terrific quality and I ordered two pair out of risk-aversion; both have perfectly matched patterns.

Pros: great pointy toe, supportive heel, albeit slim, easy on and off. They definitely look expensive and feel we-made.

Cons: takes a lot of guts to wear pointy cheetah print boots. Fashion victim?

Styling: I definitely see these working with black leather leggings, camel coloured pants, skirts and also dress pants.

They are definitely va va voom. My casual styling choice would be a standard creme chunky cardi, white/cream tee, black leather leggings and these shoes. 
To dress up, a camel coloured sweater dress (cashmere or cable) or with skinny dressy jeans and camel topcoat.

Don't wear anything else cheetah on when approaching these shoes.

In artificial light, last night.

Low light in my room this winter morning.

Covered seams with a velvet ribbon.

Still the natural light in my room, but angle makes a difference.

Your thoughts, sil vous plait?

(And we'll talk about that coat in just a minute...)


  1. Tres chic! It looks good with what you paired it with. Unexpected and not too serious.
    The coat! How do you feel about it. I'm kind of sad with all the coats offered this season, not one worked out for me. Been wanting a top coat in grey or camel, like their Melton that was released in aug or sept?, but they screwed it up with the funky sleeves. And then they released all these other topcoats but none in petite!
    I'll try again next year.

    1. Thanks for the vote on the boots! The final test is my husband's reaction of course. I fear he will nix them. I just posted on the coat. It is indeed disappointing that the coats aren't perfect. It used to be a strength of Jcrew's to interpret silhouettes but make trim and fitted garments for regular women. That's the thing that has us reeling: this attack on our closet backbones!