Monday, December 22, 2014

J Crew Quilted V-Neck Vest, B6344

Sizing: definitely size down one in this vest. I went down from XS ( my JCrew size last year) to XXS (apparently my resized JCrew size now), and the vest was still a loose fit.

Pros: good pockets; I got this as a layering piece and the pockets are great for dropping keys, phone, wallet, tissues, passport, etc, into. Shaped right, sized right. Double zipper. Warm, I can testify to that (see below). Great for layering. Cut long and straight. I'm wearing it with pixies, a plaid shirt and a light merino swing sweater, and knee boots. The effect is very Briton-in-the-country-for-a-walk...

Cons: some might find it a boxy fit. Zipper is a bit hard to open.

So I ordered the vest in navy and took it along on my international flight, during which I'm typing up this post. It's just me and my six year old and two year old. It's the younger one's first time on a plane. Proud to say we have both survives with minimal tears. And three carry ons and a stroller and a baby bjorn. So this is my warmest layer, which I've worn through two airports and two flights now. Security doesn't demand that I take it off. When I'm physically exerting a lot, I feel positively boiling in it. But it's been great through the night with odd-aeroplane-temperature-choices, etc. Not heavy or at all bulky either. The pockets are a Godsend bc I don't have pockets in my pants or on my person otherwise. 

I'm just really pleased with the fit, function and colour!

Ignore the technicolor outfit, if you will. This is me in home-doing-chores-regalia. Nothing like the picture-perfect DaniBP! 

I worried it might be too loose, so I'm stretching it out to show you the space.

And again. Note the pockets.

The zipper is lined in this odd stretchy-fabric ribbon. Not very high quality but not a deal breaker for me.

I'll try to get a selfie of my travel outfit if I can, before I end this post. Overall, thumbs up!

Here's the travel outfit. Sorry about the questionable lighting! 

All JCrew. Boots are oiled suede Dixon moto boots (old; I was selling them but finally decided to wear them).

Love the monk strap and front zipper and the oiled suede is super sturdy!

Happy holidays, y'all! I'm going to Geneva to spend quality time with sibs, parents and kids, sans husband. Have a merry and safe holiday break.


  1. Have a very Merry Christmas, maqsad! Geneva sounds like such a marvelous place to be during the holidays. I'm glad that your travels with a toddler in tow are going well, and hope that your trip is a really fun and special one. Your travel outfit is perfect and you look amazing, as usual! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I feel very blessed and hope that the trip is a good one all around. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, too! So glad you like the travel outfit: the pixies are such a workhorse! And I love the brass buttons on the plaid shirt, which I can't remember the name of, from yesteryear. Take care!

  2. Great travel outfit!! Very well thought out with the pockets for all the things that you have to show multiple times, passport, boarding pass etc. Hope you arrived safely and have a wonderful time in Switzerland. Funny that we are in the same time zone now. Do your parents live in Switzerland ?

    1. Hi Fleur de Lys! I forgot you're in Europe too! Thx for dropping by! My sister lives in Geneva at present - big family reunion. Merry Christmas to you and your family!