Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wool Melton swing coat: redux

This coat is oversized and drop shouldered and huge. It's also beautifully paneled, has a gorgeous collar, and an elegant strap across the back.

I have previously reviewed it and regretted my decision to return it. So I hunted it down and rebought in 00. That's the smallest I could go. If you can, you should also try on two sizes down, though I think that might get too snug.

I can actually fit another coat under this one very easily. Or a person, like in the catalogue....

So the most important thing to make it work? Sleeve length. I have folded my sleeves in, in the pictures below. I will have them tailored thus, in order to keep it. Your thoughts?

Sleeves without turning up

Sleeves without turning up.


  1. the coat looks great! I did really like it on you before too! :) And trust me I have done my own share of returning something and few days later frantically calling my VPS to look for it nationwide! :)
    I ordered this coat in black (it's back ordered till end of jan though). I am hoping the 0 will fit since I think I am little bigger than you on top. I typically where size 2 school boy and most of my jcrew coats are size 2 except for the cocoon and boyfriend melton coat. I think the coat looks so classy! btw: all the things you tried on for your blogs are the same items I have been looking at (ie the buffalo check jacket- i think i will pass on this one though). You have a great taste and I appreciate all your reviews!!!

    1. Thx, Susan! Appreciate the affirmation and love getting feedback on my posts and outfits!

  2. I loved this coat when I saw it with the rollout, but I've worried it is too much volume. It looks really nice on you, though, so I am re-thinking it (now that it's probably sold out, of course!). Thanks for the reviews!