Tuesday, December 23, 2014

JCrew Collection Black Silk Jumpsuit

Sizing: I took my new normal 00 in this. Go for your new normal.

Pros: wonderful drape, full sleeves, layerable, chic without yelling for attention. 

Cons: deep v-neck.

I love this jumpsuit. I got it on sale in the grey green and this black. I love the drapey fabric and how it helps deal with my midsection. I like that I can later it, so the v-neck doesn't feel awkward. Overall a great well-made garment at a great sale price!

The drapeyness of the pants means I can wear it with flats too and it won't look awful.technically though, the inseam is just long enough for the lower half to look like nice full length trousers on me with heels.

A loosely draped backside, which I prefer in semi-formal or formal wear and which makes this a versatile piece.

For what it's worth, the jumpsuit in hibiscus floral from last spring is exactly the same cut, in a light papery silk, but of course it's a really loud print and looked clownish on my frame. "Absurd" was the word my husband used...so I'll stick to black and grey-green.

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