Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Collection Silk Blazer in Iris Floral, 00

Ok, I made that name up, a bit.

This one's been marked down before I ever even noticed it, so I hopped to try it on.

Pros: silk outer, quality construction, longer length (like the new schoolboys) and slim cut.

Cons: fully lined - in polyester! Ugh. The print is a bit of a liability (see below). 

Sizing: in truth, my bust determines that my size should be zero in jackets and blazers. My shoulders want a 00. I have been sizing down to a 00 in all blazers for over two years now, bc I prefer a very tailored look. 

Verdict: the collar is under-lined in peach felt. Almost neon peach. The blue is a dark iris blue, the flowers are peach, pink and off white. The print and colours scream upholstery to me - of the kind in doctor's waiting rooms that I silently dislike while being subjected to it. This is old lady street ; mother of the bride; gross sofa in a room with peach walls. So why is it even mildly making me take pause?

Because it fits well, it's light in weight, and it seems to match the striped linen pants the best. I need your votes on this one!! Please help!

Ignore the hodgepodge of the rest of what I'm wearing, if you would.

True colours
Trying to find alternatives in my wardrobe. I didn't try too hard. I think I'd go with my mint coloured moto leather jacket or white linen blazer, in the end. But which of the three above do you prefer?


  1. I love the second and third picture- you look super cute in both pictures. The middle pic is my hands down favorite! Stellar.The blazer in your review is not my favorite of the looks. It is unusual and the pattern is riveting/ If you "feel" it, then definitely keep it. I think the floral pattern on the second blazer is one of my favorites from J. Crew.

    1. Thank you for such a quick vote, Calico&Tweed! I love the middle blazer too - need to wear it more. I am wearing it in the toothpicks a lot.

  2. Hands down the second picture. Lol about mother of the bride.

    1. Yay! So I'm still sane! Thx for your input!

  3. I love the 2nd pic with the Liberty of London blazer. As for the Colkection floral blazer it looks too matronly, as you said. I think the only way to pull that off is to be a teen or college student who punks it up with skinny jeans that are torn and worn with high heels. I can picture a youngin' thrifting something similar at Goodwill and putting their own crazy twist on it.