Friday, July 25, 2014

J.Crew Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook (Women's)

I know that most of us have seen some version of this, including on the JCrew Aficionada blog.
But here it is, just in case you've missed it:

No, I don't know why they made the layout/image so intractable - probably so that they wouldn't get small independent bloggers posting it... uh. Oh well. I'm a lover, not a hater.

I just wrote my thoughts about J.Crew's recent offerings and this lookbook to my VPS, and it occurred to me that I could also share them here with you.

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of heart-stopping designs in the lookbook. They are all solid, but I am not sure I'm seeing anything new. In previous years, I'd want 80 percent of the lookbook - right now, only two pieces are catching my attention: the furry sweater in Look 17 and the pink coat in Look 4.  And I'd never wear a furry sweater like that, I'd get laughed out of my own home. Plus I bought a manly coat in pink last year.

Admittedly I only like two pieces because I'm looking straight past the other 'new' pieces, like the culottes, the silky PJ/track pants, and the dresses (I find them unflattering, other than the tweedy one in Look 16).   But I've always looked only for pieces that appeal to me, and I'd still have come away salivating in previous years, unlike this time around.
Full disclosure, I do like other things, wishlisted from the new rollout, but I think the collection this time is more sparse.
Now for the most important part, though. My take on what this means for J.Crew.  Unlike the JCAs who have voiced outright disappointment, I think that the sparseness might not be a bad thing.          J.Crew has been churning out so many amazing designs for so long and in such quick succession, that we have all confessed to overloaded closets and shopper's fatigue. We've also been hating the overpriced run-of-the-mill stuff.  But, like it or not, J.Crew has trained me to shop in a higher price bracket and see the "rationale" behind designer prices. That is both ridiculous and quite an accomplishment (the former for me, the latter for them). 
Having trained our Pavlovian instincts, to drool, wishlist, scrimp, stretch, save, spend, spend, spend at every new rollout and sale, J.Crew might be ready to move on to the next phase of its master plan, even as perhaps it looks to end Mora's probationary period (surely he has one!) and find the next designing eye of J.Crew.  For now, maybe it's time for a phase of curated, understated, unique pieces. Few and fabulous! And pricey, which goes without saying.  In a brilliant sleight of hand, this should also give those complaining customers, who have lamented the excess of items that ultimately languish in the sale section, exactly what they want: fewer, simpler, but still expensive items.  I'm pretty sure most of us will come around.

As the famous Gigi says (roughly): "J.Crew [we] can't quitchew!"


  1. I love this article, interesting ideas.

    1. Thanks, whatthemom! Welcome to my little blog! What did you decide on the fatigue jackets?