Friday, July 18, 2014

Sales! JCrew leather tuxedo stripe leggings and Converse embossed leather sneakers

I love both. 

The leggings are true to size (tts), despite being described as very tight in the product description. I took my normal 00. 
The leather is amazing: thick and soft and buttery. The odd thing about these leggings is the unfinished bottom hem. I am wondering if I can cut off the excess length without ruining them for myself. 

The Converse are an #nsale buy. I love them, though they're a bit flashy and very street hipster. The leather is embossed in metallic black snakeskin pattern and the toe caps are dark metallic silver.

Unfinished edges at the ankle

Terrific quality leather


  1. Love the Converse sneakers! Cute outfit too! Thanks for the reviews and pics!

    1. Hi Suzy! Thx for visiting and commenting! Yes, I love that nice sneakers are being made in leather, and are still easy on the wallet!