Monday, July 14, 2014

JCrew Hughes Satchel, Grey leather

This bag is beautifully constructed. Mine was inexplicably late in the mail, but I am surprised I got a pristine piece on final sale!

The origami of it works perfectly. They sent it to me stuffed to the hilt with tissue and dustbag, brass bits still covered in plastic. That alone won me over. 

It's a great size to carry in hand or over the shoulder.  A small but very roomy purse. 

The leather is some sort of saffiano leather, and the colour is a perfect light grey. The satchel is light, with an inside zippered pocket and one slip pocket.

I flattened it a bit, so it sat well.

Love the zipper pulls

Side view, flattened along the seams like a paper bag.

Bottom of bag: I love that the zipper (non-functional) detail is continued along the bottom so neatly and with whole hearted attention to quality and detail!

The saffiano texture of the leather.

And to my delight, when I touched a finger to it, to unzip, it puffed up like a puffer fish, back to its original self:

All puffed up.

A bit awkward to wear on the shoulder puffed up.

Easy and preferable to carry in hand.

Squished back down: love the shape!

Squished. Wearable as a clutch when it's this squished.

And works supremely well on the shoulder, while squished. 

Overall, I love the bag, its craftsmanship and quality. I'm really glad I caught it on sale. Well done, J Crew!


  1. Thanks for all the reviews. Im looking forward to your thoughts on the Jcrew WANT bag. If you decide not to keep it I would be interested. I'm on the lookout for a larger black bag. I bought the tan Tillary back when it came out and only used it a few times when I realized I'm a black bag girl.


    1. Hi Karen! Thx for stopping by and commenting! I will try to post about the WANT bag soon. In terms of slouch and shape and size, it is Celinesque. It is navy, though, not black. It's also impossible to hold as a clutch bc if is huge. The top (folding) portion is canvas, while the bottom is very lovely leather. I'll let you know, if I'm selling.

    2. Thanks so much for the info! I thought I saw it in some online pics held as a clutch which I thought was very cool but maybe it was the medium size they once offered?? Large would probably still work for me and navy would work too if you decide not to keep it. :) Thanks again for responding.