Friday, July 18, 2014

Matelasse Campbell capris, Colorbock silk tunic and suede ankle strap sandals

Pants, TTS, I took my normal 00
Shoes: TTS, I took a 6
Tunic: runs large, I sized down to XXS

Surprise love for me. I love white pants and the Campbell capris are quite comfortable in the seat and waist. The Matelasse effect was nice and they look terrific with the tunic. Perfect lightweight fabric for summer. Unlined.

Shoes: gorgeous suede; well made; beautiful shade of navy. I just wish the back was a solid strap over the heel bone, rather than the two strips they've used, which balloon out when the shoe is on. I love these sandals, they are elegant, sexy and classic. My shoe collection is embarrassingly large. 

Tunic: much prefer this silk tunic to the poly offering. There is a drawstring at the waist (rather badly pictured below) which I prefer loose. Loved it!

Drawstring at waist


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