Tuesday, July 29, 2014

J.Crew Suede D'Orsay Flat

Sizing: TRS, I took my usual 6, which fit well and didn't slip off the heel as I walked.

Pros: suede; standard J.Crew quality

Cons: this style is now available in many different brands and at various price-points. JCrew's version feels pricey.

Verdict: well-made and nice. I prefer the Madewell version, though, which was introduced at the beginning of 2014. 


  1. I have been eyeing these, but also the scalloped flats. I was wondering if they are comparable, pricewise and qualtywise? Not sure about the scalloped part as it looks 'thin' online.......

    1. Hi Fleur de Lys, I tried on the scalloped Harper flats today. They are really cute, but were a full size too big on me. I have a medium foot, usually. The SA said they were big for her too. HTH

    2. Thanks, Maqsad! I can see that sizewise this is a bit of a tough cookie, should I order my usual size or size down? I guess I'll be waiting for a promo with free returns for international customers. A pity that the last one ended on August 1st:-((

  2. Hi Fleur de lys! I didn't see the scalloped flats in my store. I too am curious - if I go for a kitten heel purchase, it might be in the scalloped versions, which should be similar to the flats , in terms of quality. I do like the cut of the Harper scalloped flats, though, a lot more than the d'orsay flat. At $128/-, I'd even spring for those on full price promo!