Saturday, July 26, 2014

OOTD: hot day for a haircut!

So I bit the bullet and went for a dramatic haircut. Paid top dollar, went to a French stylist, a man from Lyon, who was excited that I wanted smth like Ines De LaFressange's hairstyle - and whoosh, next thing I knew, he's combed down the very front of my hair and CHOP! Off came about ten inches at once, right in the front of my head! This brought on nervous laughter and panicked giggles and I let him have his way with me....

I dressed my casual best, to inspire and inform him.

J.Crew crepe Henley (winter 2014); J.Crew medallion silk pants (current); Madewell d'orsay flats in black; Cole Haan hobo in black leather.

I adore this style and bought a backup of the nude colour when they hit sale, as well as springing for the black ones. To my delight, the top/front/vamp is done in suede, whilst the back is black leather. J'adore.

The new hairstyle. Gone are my long locks, which were dragging on me and left me quite uninspired. Now we will see how this goes once I wash my hair and it goes curly. Fingers crossed. 

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