Saturday, April 26, 2014

Coach: High waisted leather trouser, Winter 2013/2014

HI got these at the Factory Store, once they made it there. They are still stocked at Coach stores, but not on the Coach website.

They were shipped to me from a store, I think.

Stock photo from the sale ongoing. You will notice that the offers move around a little. All sizes are currently in stock, running from 00-12. 

They are definitely high waisted and they have actual pockets built in under those zippers, resulting in some tragic bulk around the midsection. 

The inseam is 28". 

I chose a size 00, my regular size at J Crew, so I'd say they are TTS. Also got measurements for the size 0.

The 00 is 26" at waist, ~34 on hips. The size 0 is 26.5 at waist and the same 34" on hips. 

Even though size charts are elusive at Coach and non-existent at Coach Factory, the CS team are really helpful and called the store for me several times to get garment measurements. I was finally connected to the store, too, and barring inexperience with terms like "rise" for the pants, the SA was helpful and measured both pairs for me, per my questions.

Fit: they fit like a glove *everywhere*. The leg opening at the ankle is very tight. Those zippers are functional and necessary. I have really skinny legs ( you can compare with the fit of the moto leather pants in white that I'll post soon), and the pants were skintight on my a good way.

At first, I balked at the high waisted poofiness up top followed by the skin-tight scrawniness at bottom. Then I realized the pockets and not my own midsection were to blame, and felt slightly better. Then I went into "make it work" mode. Then I fell in love with them. 

What sort of top does one wear with these if one is not a beautiful slender blonde model? I think a tank or tee shirt with drape would work very well, tucked in. One may not want to feature ones backside so prominently encased in leather and logos. So, one could do a tunic with it, going for a clean MiH vibe, or a BF blazer - the cool girl fallback. 

I'm wearing the J Crew Thomas Mason leather striped tunic with it. I liked the combo.

Those are two snap buttons at top; the zippers at the hips and ankles are all functional with matching gold Coach solid tablet-shaped pulls.

The leather is good quality - not the softest I've seen in pants, but I think that too soft is too fragile. The look is matte.

I realized that the angle of the zippers makes my hips look more shapely. That's a good thing for me, but it definitely makes a person look very hippy.

A different way to pair with a long top, rather than blazer: trying to straddle the line between tucking into a high waisted pant to show off the high waist, and yet not show off too much of one's shape/butt, etc.

What do you think?


  1. Oh, no. I wouldn't spend any amount of money on poor fit. It fits your legs beautifully, but the bad fit in the hips is going to limit how you wear this. It only looks good with the tunic buttoned all the way down. I say you can do better than this. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, CC - you've given me a lot to think about. In all honesty, I'm often faced with this tradeoff in fits... e.g. the pixie pants are great in the rise, but not great in the leg. Thanks for giving me the pep talk to turn them down though - it's required in the face of all those labels and trends.