Friday, April 18, 2014

Tory Burch Sergeant Pepper Leather Jacket

Here is the review that I promised to Clotted Creame, a dear reader, a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for your patience, CC! 

This leather jacket is one if my best clothing investments to date. I have many leather jackets, all good brands and pricey, but I have really grown to love and, indeed, respect the craftsmanship in this one. 

The jacket is a slim fitted piece, with lots of blingy buttons. I didn't wear it for the longest time being worried about the bling - but it's actually a great contrast to the dark colour and doesn't come off as too flashy at all. 

Features I love (all pictured below):
Band collar;
Chain inside collar for hanging;
Beautiful piping in Tory orange, and exquisite lining in Tory logo silk inside jacket. 
Three button closure at wrists;
Perfectly proportioned pockets;
The softest, sturdiest leather I own - no scratch, no signs of wear, other than some very slight wear at the top edge of the sleeve openings, which adds just the right touch of character.
Patent leather lining inside sleeve openings in a gorgeous red!
Patent leather piping INSIDE. The button holes! Stunning.
A great length for petite me;
Perfectly fitted and perfect length sleeves.

This was the very first Sgt Pepper jacket TB made. Listed at 895/- I think. I combined a rewards card and a New Years promo to grab it on New Years Eve, precisely at midnight! ;)

Total tangent: should I keep the Martinas in calf hair leopard or get the pumps or neither. The wedges feel on the edge of dowdy to me...

Patent leather lining.

That red piping of the button hole is patent leather too.

Button detail: 3D.

Shoulder lapel thingies - the sergeant pepperness of it (together with the pockets and the band collar).

So, overall take: this sergeant pepper jacket is special because of the craftsmanship and the materials. TB is doing other materials in it now, and I would expect to see a close fitting garment with the same pockets, sleeve details, etc, but, of course, different finishing touches, depending on the material used.



  1. Thanks, maqsad! It's a beautiful jacket on you. It seems every leather jacket nowadays is done as a moto jacket, but it's really nice to see a refined design.

    Loving your reviews. Would love to keep seeing your ootds. It's really inspiring to see how JCAs put themselves together. Such a stylish group!

    Although a lot of JCAs like the Martinas and look great in them, I'm personally not a fan of wedges in general. I feel like very few designers get it right. Usually it looks like a whole lot of shoe to me with that huge clunk of a wedge. I feel like you should go with your gut and not get it unless you totally love it. We're fortunate to live in an affluent society with gads of talented designers, and there will always be something pretty to buy, if not now, then later.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, CC! And for the moral support re. the wedges! :) I have an outfit to post that I wore to an egg hunt this weekend... hopefully tonight! Hope your week is off to a great start!