Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wing tip oxfords, mushroom, size 6

Pros: beautiful leather; perfect menswear shape (slimmer than the metallic oxfords from fall 2013, but broader than the Camden oxfords of yore). 

Cons: leather will scratch relatively easily.

Sizing: TTS

Verdict: these are closer to a nude for me than the beige tone colour of the slip on oxfords. (See pictures for side by side comparison.) They sit low to the ground and are just quietly sophisticated. Menswear inspired indeed. Keep


  1. Hi there, Can I please know if you think this shoe is more on the big size or not? I am a European size 36 and wanted to try and find out if a 6H would be too big for me as size 6 seems to be sold out.

    1. Hi Mandi! I'm a size 36 too, which is a true 6 in the US. This shoe fits true to size, so 6H would be a bit big. However if you love them you might be able to make it work bc it's a laced shoe. You'd be forced to wear socks though, or Perhaps an insole. HTH! Thanks for visiting my blog!