Sunday, April 6, 2014

Collection cropped pant in silk shantung, french blue, 00; Natasha pump in haven blue

A double billing! 

Capri/cropped pants:

Pros: beautiful fabric; amazing sheen; cut relatively narrow; love the pintuck pleat on the front of the pant.

Cons: wrinkles heavily if you sit for a while wearing them (especially if you do any real life activity, like holding your baby). Wrinkles are all bunched on the thigh, near the crotch - the way they do for the lived in jeans look.

Sizing: TTS

Verdict: I adore the colour and the pintuck pleat. The pleat gives them a structure and crispness that's really lacking in the first couple of iterations they did in shantung pants. I have the original shantung pant in pink which lacks pintuck seams and I prefer what these do for me and my shape. (If you're looking for a brand new pair of the original pants in pink, drop me a line!)  I just love the line/silhouette they make. I kept them and wore them out on Friday night!

Natasha pump in haven blue:

Pros: beautiful leather; well stitched shoe; lovely lines.

Cons: ankle strap can work or not depending on your ankle!  They're a great deal right now on sale. Pain to get in and out of though.

Sizing: TTS

Verdict: conflicted. No doubt a great deal right now on sale.

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