Saturday, April 12, 2014

J Crew: brass blooms bracelet

Ok, so I made that name up (and the real name is the "cast wildflower bracelet" - I think my name might be more descriptive...). They're running an in-store 25% off jewellery and honoured the 25% off Facebook coupon on it too. Whoopie!

The bracelet is very architectural, very arresting. I think there are five brass blooms and they're stung together on a chain, which is resultingly stiff, like a cuff. That's why small wrists are required to wear it, despite there being an extender chain to close on as well. 

I've pictured the tag number below.

There's a "matching" necklace, which isn't as well done IMO. It has strange open flowers and hanging "buds" that dangle below. It lacks the cohesion and statement that the bracelet achieves.

For more pictures and item number info, you can also see it on Rose's blog, here


  1. This is a striking bracelet. I have small wrists and most of JC's bracelets are too long for me. I'm really intrigued, but It looks like it would catch on things because of it's height. Have you worn it yet?

    1. Hi maryeb,
      Yes, it has high potential to knock and catch on things, but it's sturdier than the similarly large and 3D floral bracelet from retail last year (currently in reproduction at factory). That was made of wood and could easily chip. I haven't worn mine yet, bc my baby boy might get knocked by it and it would hurt him. But I'm excited to wear it as soon as I can manage!