Friday, April 11, 2014

J Crew: cashmere striped tunic and impulse buy

The impulse buy:
Espadrilles in pink fabric upper. 
These shoes are cute, beachy, definitely easy to wear. 
While TTS overall, they have a poor fit at the heel, which kind of sags, since the insole has no contouring and to get an amazing fit, you need some kind of shaping to one's foot. The store has a 25% off sandals promo, which applies and brings them to $45. Teacher discount stacks on top, if you are eligible.
I ended up returning them bc of the bad fit at the heel and the high likelihood that I won't wear them as often as one might hope.

The cashmere tunic in heathered stripe: the heather dockside colour is showing up online, on sale, but this colour keeps selling out. I got it on pop back, but was surprised by the base colour. I had braced myself for it to be beige. It turned out to be a rainbow coloured wool. It's a bit bizarre, but I like the overall fit and shirttail hem in the back of the tunic enough to keep it.

General style note: after careful observation,  I think a really "wide" hem roll (see below) has a lengthening effect, compared to short more utilitarian (or more conservative) rolls. Try it in the mirror for yourself and tell me if you agree!

Thanks for reading! I'd love your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the reviews. The shoes are cute, too bad the fit is off.

    1. Hi maryeb! Yeah, it's a pity about the shoes...