Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crewcuts Factory: boys' Thomson suiting trousers

And now for something different!

I took advantage of the factory promo in store to pick up some summer weight clothing for my five year old this weekend. 

Last winter, I got him the corduroy jeans from factory and retail - and the factory ones never fit right because the elastic at the waist was just too floppy to actually tighten the waist at all. This is the adjustable waistband elastic I'm talking about, of course.

So I purchased these Thompson suiting pants in cotton with great hesitation. 

The cut is very similar (if not the same) to the retail crewcuts Bowery pants. The material is exactly the same. There may be different quality stretch in it, so I am hoping it washes and dries nicely, but overall, I see no difference between retail and factory in the quality of these pants. The waistband elastic still wasn't as sturdy, but it did its job just fine (big sigh of relief!). There is a hook and bar closure. 

Fit is TTS, and I'm going to order more colours and multiple pieces tonight.

Here's my little guy wearing them.

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