Monday, April 14, 2014

Coach: lusting after expensive bags and shoes? Lust no more!

So, every season, Coach introduces new silhouettes with aggressive marketing, and before you know it, you've been seduced!

After years of snobbish refusal to send coupons to anyone except customers who bought full price during the preceding 12 months, Coach now sends 25% off coupons to everyone, with every new launch, and at end of season & special holidays. 

If you're like me though, you don't find prices palatable there, even after 25% off. Enter Coach Factory Online, an invitation only site, which has limited time sale events constantly. Customers can only shop when invited, but the site is the first to receive and offer end-of-season merchandise from regular Coach stores. The standard discount is 30% off plus additional offers on top. I have bought $600 bags for $100-200 dollars and $200+ wallets for $80. Don't those sale prices sound more reasonable?

8 times out of 10, the items have never been opened before and arrive in perfect tissue wrapped virginal form. I love.

Here's a snapshot of a flight bag which has dipped to even lower prices around jan/feb and is currently offered with an additional 20% off at checkout.

I just restrict my search to items from coach stores and voila! Based on my observation, a season lasts about 2.5 months at Coach. Then the new styles come over to Factory. Clearance is 70% off plus an occasional 10% off that!

If you'd like an invitation, please drop me a comment here (or email at maqsadshop at gmail dot com) with your email, and I'll send you an invite via Coach.



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