Saturday, April 19, 2014

J Crew Collection Cubist Print short sleeve shirt, 0, navy

I was dismayed initially when the cubist print was released and I discovered that the collection top was the only one where the fabric/colours matched the capris. Yes, I am not afraid of wearing the matching pieces together, if it's the right print.  So when this top went on sale a few days ago, I scooped it up, all the while hoping for further decrease in price.

Well, here's my prediction: it will fall more.

Pros; well-made in parts (e.g. Lined, perfect collar, print matches up perfectly down the button placket);
Same fabric (silk-twill) as the capris.

Cons: the fabric is a heavy one, both visually and actually. Not the best suited for a top.
Lining is poly.
The stripes across the top of the shoulders and down the sleeves accentuate a squareness of that area, made infinitely worse to my eye by the geometric print on the top. 
Too long on my frame;
The print is silly at the bottom hem of the shirt: they were so busy lining it up right, they forgot to make the bottom hem line up with the large navy triangles in the piece I got. This might vary (one can only hope) from piece to piece in this design.
Square, unshaped, corners at bottom. This shirt would have benefitted from small side slits, a little shaping at the bottom. 

Sizing: TTS, fitted, but odd length given the print and the short sleeves.

Verdict: I think this looked awful on 
me. I could try to make it work out of sheer love and devotion to JCrew (and Collection, to boot) but then I'd get laughed out of the real life room into which I wore it. (Embarrassingly true story, with another piece I once took a stand for...sigh). Return. Don't look back.

L: print lines up on button placket & shirt front well. R: bottom hem chaos - excess print and square corner, no slit.

Sorry about the overexposure in the top row. 
Top L: bottom hem print issues; top R: perfect collar, lovely tips; bottom L: stripe along sleeve, which continues across shoulders, in navy silk shantung; bottom R: true to life colours & obligatory top down view.


Trying to make it work. L: shorter length; R: pull a Jenna on it (too masculine and broad for my taste).

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