Sunday, April 6, 2014

Collection blouses: Satin stripe blouse.

Pros: boyfriend cut, great with jeans but also tuck able into work pants; two front pockets on chest; love the detail on the back of the band collar; I like graphic stripes.

Cons: the satin stripes give the blouse a borderline pillow cover vibe. I love the graphic pattern, but the satin stripes always make me think twice. The colour of the blouse is a yellowish cream. Sleeves are long on a petite person.

Sizing: I'd stick with my normal size, but if you wanted to size down for a form fitting look, you could get away with it.

Verdict: I like it, but it also feels flashy. I guess I don't love it enough to keep.

Trying the half tuck. Notice the creaminess of the blouse against white pants.

The boyfriend/tunic length of it is great.

Back of collar detail.

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